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UK-based search intelligence platform who have worked with brands and international. Now with local support.

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SEO Analytics and Market Intelligence Combined. Loved by technical SEOs, managers and C-execs.

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Our market intelligence platform benchmarks your performance against your entire competitive landscape.  Commercial value, competition quality and share of market, even by sub-category. Find the search intelligence that matters most to you, at the frequency you require.

Viewing SEO from the Entire Landscape

Using Market Intelligence, analyse search trends to help direct a wider strategy. Realise the value of the entire market and identify the most valuable search categories to position for organically. Retrospectively see the impact your campaign had on demand, KPIs and performance. 

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Digital marketers, SEOs, Data Analysts, CMOs and more use our SEO Platform and data to discover opportunity, evaluate markets and fuel the performance of their digital assets globally.

Market Share in Search

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Unlike other solutions,  our intelligent data showcases every single competitor for any consumer search you can think of – not just those already on your radar – giving you the most comprehensive pool of consumer insight on the market.

Know the customers' intent, discover valuable insights, and plan with confidence

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